Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's Not All Terror

Lest you think it's all terrified screaming in our family, here's what else we've been up to:

Saturday, Derek's mom took the kids to do all the fun things their lame-o mom won't do with them, like go to the park.  (It's been cold, okay?  And yes, "cold" to me this time of year is 45 degrees.)  She also took them to see Zootopia, which they all loved, while Derek and I went to a super fancy new movie theater we've been wanting to try out.
Why, yes, those are over-sized, leather, reclining-with-footrests theater seats!
Derek's feet hung off the end, but really, that's just what his feet do.  It's the same way with our bed, and that's a king-size.  (Does anyone else find it odd that the biggest beds are called "king-sized"?  I assume they're referring to the size of the king's bed, not the king himself.  Weren't most of history's kings on the shorter side?)  Most people would not have this problem in these seats; I felt like I was swimming in it.  They were so dang comfortable, but all I could think was, Where the heck were these seats when I was pregnant?  We didn't go to see a lot of movies during the four years that I was constantly cranking out babies, but that was in part because I couldn't get comfortable in the theater seats:  There was poor lower back support, my feet swelled after sitting for so long, and I felt like I had very little room to shift my bulk around.

Incidentally, these seats are called "luxury loungers," a name that caused an almost reflexive eye-roll in me.  I still don't know why people don't check with me before naming things.  Rest assured the next time we go I will be unable to keep myself from referring almost constantly to those seats as "lllllluxury lllllloungers" with great ostentation and relentless giggling at my own joke.  My husband is a lucky man.

The screen in that theater was also GIGANTIC (I made the word big to reflect its meaning and how big the screen was, see?  I'm nothing if not subtle), and while I tried to take a picture, I couldn't fit the big movie screen on my tiny phone screen.  You'll just have to use your imagination.  The sound was also somehow perfect, and that is saying something, as I started carrying ear plugs with me for movies, church, etc, years ago.  Young people like things so loud these days.

Oh, look!  It's me at church!  "Yaaaay, I'm at church, I'm happy to be here, but ow, ow, ow, ow... "
Quite possibly the best gif I have ever come across.  I can't stop laughing.  Oh, internet, you are a strange and wonderful place.

Derek's been busy churning out video after video, including this one, where he was up in one of those... I think he called it a bucket truck?  I always called them cherry-pickers.  Anyway, he was up in that with an expensive camera.  I would have had to grow a third and fourth hand to do this job:  Two to hang on to the camera and work against all my natural abilities to drop any and everything, and two to grip the sides of the bucket in a heady mix of fascination and terror.  

He's also won some more awards for his work, because as far as I can tell, that's just what he does.

I think I'll leave you with this.
Show kindness and grace to them?  Yes.  Friends?  

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  1. I was so stunned by the awesomeness of that Will Smith gif that I had to think about it for a day. It's mesmerizing, especially the way the shadow tracks the movement of the Head Of Will Smith.

    I'm not big on movies, but I could watch almost anything if I had the chance to sit in a luxury lounger.

    The marching band photographer prior to me would go up in a cherry picker to take photos of the band at the town parade. I said that was a deal-breaker for me being the band photographer. NO cherry pickers. Your husband is brave.


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