Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Three Things

Well.  Things have been nutso-busy around here lately, but I promise you I have composed multiple posts, right here in my brain where you can't read them.  This is very helpful, I know.  I keep thinking I need one of those spaceship-type doors to lower at the nape of my neck, right around my hairline, and then of course you'll need to go ahead and shrink yourself down to around the size of, oh, I don't know, a baby's pinky finger, except with a face and clothes and whatever else you think you might need for a foray into a brain for the purposes of reading mental blog posts.

I'm so sorry.  I'm very tired.

Moving on:  Here is a list.  I'm guessing it will flow about as well and make about as much sense as that initial paragraph did.  Consider yourself warned.

  • Caedmon has been unusually affectionate toward me lately, I think because he's feeling a little uncertain about his upcoming entrance into kindergarten.  He does this by picking up the foam roller and rolling it up and down my back while I'm standing in front of the sink, washing dishes, and by picking me bouquet after bouquet of flowers.
This is confusing to Atticus, as I have spent the last month or two ripping mountains of weeds out of my flower beds, so why I then choose to scatter them around the house is beyond the workings of his brain.  

  • When you have long monkey arms, "long sleeves" are more a construct than a reality.  It was nice when 3/4 sleeves came back in fashion, however, as I am excellent at making almost any long sleeve into a 3/4.  Those athletic shirts that are designed to go over your palm and feature a hole for your thumb are a boon to those of us born with a mighty, majestic wingspan, as they sometimes reach all the way to my wrists, although never to their intended destination, at least not without threatening dislocation.  They do showcase the distal end of my radius rather nicely, though.

  • Atticus lost his first tooth.  He is very relieved, as he's one of the last in his class to begin losing body parts through the mouth, which is apparently a source of fierce competition in his grade.  Adelaide lost her first tooth at about the same age, so I think that's just the Crisler way.  ("The Crisler Way":  Potential name for my cult.)  
I somehow remembered to play tooth fairy and remove the tooth, wrapped in a kleenex, from beneath our son's pillow, but then I stuck it in the jacket pocket I was wearing and forgot about it.  It wasn't until I pulled out the lint screen in the dryer and quickly discovered that the small hard white thing nestled in there was a human tooth that I realized I'd never taken it back out.  Tooth wiggling and pulling and yanking don't bother me a bit, but for some reason that provoked a small shudder (sending my long, monkey arms a-jangling).  I guess I'm just old-fashioned in that I don't much care for finding teeth where they don't belong.

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  1. I have always wanted a mental modem, so that when I think good thoughts about someone (usually accompanied by "I should send them a note") those good thoughts would show up in a Word document the next time they opened their computer. So, so many notes I intend to send. The bug I have not yet ironed out is what would happen when I think not so good thoughts about someone.


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