Monday, June 20, 2016

Please Don't Be Jealous of My Amazing Life

Listen, I don't mean to brag, but this is what my garden looks like.
And that's not just right now, like I'm having a bad gardening week, or something.  With the exception of the week or two immediately after planting, it always looks like that.  See the squash, and tomatoes, and pepper plants?  Sure you do- they're the ones entirely surrounded by weeds, near the onion that's gone to flower.

Another note-worthy part of my life is the presence of magic.
That's right:  I have magic pantry doors.  I mean, it must be magic, as each of my children swear it's not them leaving the doors open.  Every time I pass by, they're open.  I've checked, and they are capable of being closed.

But then I go upstairs to fetch something, come back down, and...

Something else that will probably make you hate me in all my perfection?
I know, right?  I'm the kind of person that dries her family's linens outside whenever possible.  It's windy here, though, so they almost inevitably end up in one of the flower beds, possibly negating any cleanliness achieved in the preceding wash cycle.  I do send everything through a quick 15 minutes in the dryer just to kill any bugs that might have nestled in there before re-making the beds, which likewise does away with any energy savings I might have achieved by outdoor drying.  I am killing it, here.

No false modesty, now.  In what ways are you amazing this week?


  1. All human children were born with an inability to close doors. This fades by the time they reach the age of 35.

    Onions! I see onions in that garden!

    How I am amazing this week: last night I had a church meeting. As I left for my meeting, my daughter asked, "What's for dinner?" I said, "Find something. I think there's some cheese in the refrigerator." And I left.

  2. We always have beach towels draped all over the railings of our back porch. And then it rains. And then they dry and blow into the mulch. And then Emma just shakes them off and uses them again. Me, I prefer to air dry if that's my choice of towel.

    I can't think of any way in which I'm amazing lately, but I really love CHMs example :-)


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