Monday, July 11, 2016

The Speller

Adelaide is all in a tizzy today because

She's been waiting for months for this letter, informing her that yes, her dreams have come true, she gets to participate in the Iowa State Fair spelling bee next month.  Day after day, trotting out to the mailbox, only to be disappointed by a notable paucity in spelling bee-related letters- until today.

For whatever reason, our schools don't have their own spelling bees, which is a problem when you have a daughter whose favorite game is, "Give me a word to spell!"  Now she finally gets a chance to have a stranger with a microphone give her many difficult words to spell while she stands on a stage in front of large state fair crowds.  I have not described the experience in quite this way to her, which is probably why she's still looking forward to it.

When she hasn't been obsessively checking the mailbox- giving me the opportunity to crow, "No post on Sundays!" an average of, oh, say once a week?- Adelaide has been, among other things, volunteering at our local library.  She was excited to begin several weeks ago, but I wondered how long this job would hold its charm for her; I was a little afraid she was expecting hours of reading, rather than whatever tasks actually need doing.

The first day, I picked her up after an hour and she was so dang excited.  "Mom, it was awesome!  I got to shelve books, and dust, and spent a long time denewstickering!  I want to stay longer next time!"  After I ascertained that she had peeled "New!"stickers off of no-longer-new books, among other things, I answered that, yes, she could stay longer next time, as long as the librarians really did have things for her to do and she wasn't underfoot.  A month later, she still loves it.

See?  Not walking but running toward her volunteer hours at the library.

Eldest child has rounded out her summer by playing with her brothers like they're her favorite people in the world, except for the times she's engaging in what appears to be a fight to the death with them.  She's well-rounded like that.


  1. Congratulations! That is extraordinary!

  2. Go Adelaide! Finally, something competitive that's actually fun (fun = not sports related).

  3. way to go Adelaide! I have no doubt she'll do well. Keep us informed!

  4. Yay! And I love the pic of her running to the library.

  5. I love her because she loves books and libraries with a passion. I'm impressed because I cannot spell on my feet the way she obviously can. Good luck to your girl in the spelling bee!


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