Thursday, September 8, 2016

Found Things

...or, things I found.

When I first saw the above I immediately sent it to Derek, hoping/knowing he would think it was funny, because the truth is the funniest.  Then I had to pretend not to be offended at how funny he found it.  I am a joy to live with.

This gif is a scarily accurate representation of Adelaide and I when debating the pronunciation of words.  Yesterday's was "lenient," (Adelaide:  "lenn-ee-ent," Me: "lean-ee-ent") the day before that was the name "Seamus."  (Adelaide:  "See-muss," Me:  "Shay-muss.")

So, just to recap, Adelaide:  Almost always wrong;  Me:  Almost always right.  Admitting that the other person is right, Adelaide:  Never;  Me:  Never.  We are each of us a joy to live with.

I now have two part-time jobs, although one is just through the fall, and so far I love them both, but as is turns out I cannot work, be a reasonable person to live with, run, blog, cook, and keep a decent house all at the same time.  Today's free time was either going to go to blogging or cleaning, and guess which one won?  (Hint:  The one that did not involve getting off the couch, and another hint:  You should not need a hint to answer this question.)

I feel like this warning label could have been made for our children.  "But mom, why can't I go to the park by myself?  It's just around the corner!"  

"Because not everyone is looking out for your best interest, Daughter."

"Please, Mom, this is Brave New World, Iowa.  There aren't those kind of people here."

"OH, REALLY?"  *Proceeds to tell Daughter disturbing but true story that occurred in our little town a few short years ago.*

[Two days later]

Derek:  "Why is Adelaide afraid to leave the house?  And why has she been having nightmares?"

Me:  *shrugs*

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  1. I selfishly am very glad you chose to blog rather than to clean.

    Explaining the nasty world to children without disturbing their sleep pattern: I have failed at this. There needs to be a warning label that says "NOT EVERYONE IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR BEST INTEREST, NOT EVEN CLOSE TO YOUR EVEN MEDIOCRE INTEREST." Yes, I'm shouting it. Because my older daughter just became an uber driver, and I am rather terrified about it.


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