Friday, October 7, 2016

Adventures in Mothering

Adelaide has been begging to dye her hair for months now.  She has beautiful, golden, almost honey-colored hair (when it's brushed, anyway),

but she wanted to dye it.  And the color she wanted her hair to be was blue.

Have you seen this hair craze?  It would be hard to miss it, at least around here, as you can hardly walk into a store without seeing at least one person with pink or purple or, yes, blue streaks or layers in their hair.  Our daughter's one true heart's desire was to have completely blue hair, though; fortunately for her, Derek and I recognize that one of our primary roles as parents is to thwart her every desire and goal in life (actual words that came out of her actual mouth once, although I'm pretty sure it was in reference to my telling her she could not buy an entire family-sized package of oreos to consume alone, even if it was with her own money- I'm proud to say the dramatic, exaggerative gene runs strong through our family lines).

Daughter is learning patience, however, so she would bring up the subject of blue hair every so often, ask to wander down the Grande Aisle of Hair Dyes anytime we were at Wal-Mart together, but never got upset when we said, "Not right now," or "We need to discuss this further."

And so, last Sunday, we caved.  Adelaide bought a box of blue dye with her own funds (supplied by Grandma Lorri, so in a circuitous way this is all on you, Mom), she and I set up our temporary salon in the kitchen, and I waited for her to stop wriggling like a happy puppy so I could begin coloring her hair.

We initially agreed upon blue streaks, but the first step for this particular kit was to bleach- yes, bleach- the desired portion of hair, as this apparently makes it so that the final color is more vivid.  I didn't want to have bleach anywhere near her scalp, and I wanted to have the option to chop off any damaged portions of hair at some point in the future, so in the end we agreed to color the bottom third or so of her hair, which she was more than fine with, as it meant more blue hair overall.
When I imagine past me, the mother of one-year-old Adelaide, somehow reaching into the future and seeing this picture, she is screaming.  

I was glad Adelaide had gotten all that patience-practice, as she certainly had to exercise it while waiting thirty minutes for the bleach (bleach!) to set in, then washing it out, then waiting another hour for the blue dye to set after application, and finally rinsing it out, which took a while in and of itself; I think we both began to believe the water was never going to run clear.

In the end, though, she's thrilled with the final product.
The color is not as uneven as this photo would have you believe.  I'm not a big hair person, but I don't suck that much.

I'm not sure how I managed to get two pictures where her hair color matches the cloth underneath it; I suppose it was inevitable as her favorite color is, shockingly, blue, and she swaths herself in the color whenever possible.

And that is how we ended up with a ten-year-old daughter with blue hair.  By doing it ourselves.  I'm pretty sure this makes us the ultimate DIYers.


  1. I hope your daughter understands that she has the coolest Mom ever.

    I think it is great how the hair color matches the shirt. It's like it's stealth hair! Just blending in and then, wham! the hair whips out of hiding.

    My niece dyed a portion of her hair purple, but without bleaching it first. She has naturally very dark hair. The process was not supervised by any parent. The main effect was that the bathtub was stained purple, and her hair looked about the same, at least to old people like me.

    "the ultimate DIYers" ! ! ! ! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. I really like the colors people are sporting, and Adelaide's hair looks great.

    The first time Emma dyed her hair, she wanted it to be black. I let her (hair can be cut and grows back --easy decision. Not like piercings and tattoos!) I hated her with black hair, although I didn't tell her that. She did that with a friend (she was a bit older than Adelaide is right now :-)

    When she wanted green tips, I took her to a stylist. The woman bleached the tips of her hair, then dyed them green. By the first wash, the green had faded to light teal. But the end of the first week, she basically had bleached tips. Lately she's wanted to get colors, but when she found out how expensive it was, and that she'd have to pay for it, she stopped talking about it :-)

    I hope the colors have improved, and that Adelaide's blue will last a long time!


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