Saturday, October 1, 2016

Four Things

  • This week Facebook reminded me how much I love- and have always loved- to torture our children.

Four years ago I took that picture of almost-two-year-old Caedmon, despite the fact that he was getting annoyed with the camera in my hands.  These days, if they do not want me to snap a photo, I desist and find more creative ways to irritate them.  I don't know why I so delight in these kids of ours' angry faces, but man, do I.  Look at his little face!  He's always been something of an intense creature, which probably helps explain my frequent urge to lighten the mood.  If anything, our children should leave this nest someday knowing not to take themselves too seriously.  I have no regrets.  (So far.)

  • My pumpkins are finally ripening!
I was so excited by the Long Island Cheese heirloom pumpkins that Adelaide felt the need to make fun of my gourd-inspired jubilation, as seen in the above photo.  I was tempted to respond to her mockery by saying things like, "Nobody appreciates my pumpkin-growing prowess!" or maybe "You're grounded!" but given my previously mentioned delight in poking fun at our children, I really felt like I had no place in disciplining our children for behavior they may or may not have learned from a certain Gourd Growing Queen (long may she reign).  (I am also obviously more than capable of encouraging myself in my gardening pursuits, and can withstand all manner of taunts from certain snarky daughters.)
Hello, beautiful pumpkin plant curlicue-thing!

  • My trail half marathon is three weeks from today.  This means that this morning was one of my last long runs of the year, which makes me holler "HAL-LE-LU-JAH" because, as seen in this rare early morning picture of me... 
... I'm not much of a morning person.  

But then I get out the door, and, well, I'm actually still really cranky for the first couple miles.  Things always tend to get a little brighter once the sun comes up, though. (That one's for you, punny friends.)
I know this photo isn't nearly as pleasant for all the farmers who've experienced a delayed harvest this year due to an incredibly rainy September, so- sorry, farmers.  I love your work!  I also love sun over corn stalks, especially since I know that once that corn is gone, winter is not far away.  

  • And now, because I always feel vaguely guilty when I have two of our children in one post but leave the third one out, here is a picture of Atticus reading in the van.


  1. Sad kitty!

    Pumpkins are beautiful indeed. When my Dad let me plant one measly pumpkin seed in the family garden, lo many years ago, the vine took over the garden, choked out a number of other plants, and managed to produce one pumpkin. So I think pumpkin growing prowess is worthy of celebrating.

    As always, I love your kids' facial expressions.

  2. Yep, I'm that kitty in the morning (although really, the cat is upright, so it's one step ahead of me). The picture of the green curlicue thing is gorgeous and so is your pumpkin.
    Keep taking pictures of the kids. You can use them to torture them later in life. ;)

  3. I love mornings, but I would learn to hate them if I had to head outside and run :-)


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