Sunday, October 30, 2016

Four Things

  • Holiday toy catalogs have been arriving in the mail.  This is an exciting development for certain Crisler boys.
Related:  Number of times I have said, "That item will only enter this house over my cold, dead body,"-- COUNTLESS.

  • Caedmon has learned to tie his shoes.  I don't think I've rejoiced this much since the day I realized all three children were finally fully potty trained.
I mean, I love, love, looooove the squishy, smooshy, cute baby years, but every week of parenthood I come to appreciate the word "independence" more and more.
Adelaide, Day 2; Kristy, Day 8,582
So sweet!  So kissable!  So exhausting!

  • I have resumed running after spending a few days recovering after last weekend's race, but mostly I've been feeling fan-freaking-tastic about not having to turn any of these alarms on every night.
Okay, except for the 5 AM one, and that was just on Thursday, because I knew that if I didn't run early, I wouldn't run at all, as it was my last full day leading school tours at the orchard.  This means good-bye, excessively early alarms, which has me like

  • I recently attended an invitation-only concert.  It was so exclusive, I was the only audience member and had the best seat, "best seat" being Caedmon's bed.
Caedmon was on the air guitar and background vocals, Atticus was lead vocalist and high knees while standing, 

 but percussion while lying down, as he needed both hands and feet to get the precise sound he was after.  Obviously.

 Caedmon was also lead ham.

The final number was a sight to behold but also explained a lot of the thumping I had heard during "rehearsals."  I think the best part was the whole thing was set to selections from the That Thing You Do! soundtrack, which was somehow hilarious given how intense they were about the whole thing.  They seem to think of themselves as very hardcore rockers... who listen to boppy soundtracks and the Michael Bublé Christmas album on repeat.

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  1. Their facial expressions! Priceless!

    We've been getting tons of college ads in the mail. Not nearly exciting as toy catalogs.


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