Monday, October 17, 2016

Kermit Understands

I hope this has been you lately.  I really do.

I hope you haven't been kept up at night, literally losing sleep for the first time over a presidential election, and wondering (in a disbelieving, appalled sort of way) more specifically how, how people you love could support a candidate with whom you'd feel actual fear if you were trapped in an elevator with them?
*elevator doors close, begins mentally reviewing self-defense moves*

Because social media has lately left me feeling like either the gif immediately above or the one immiately below,

where I say to myself, "Look!  A post by Loved One!  I shall view this post, which I'm sure will exude the love and light that I know is in line with our shared beliefs!"  But then, alas...

So I have been limiting my time in those online spaces, because I want to continue to love my loved ones after November, right?  

Instead I've been planting bulbs and running with friends and watching the newest season of Midsomer Murders with Derek and reading terrific books with the kids and preparing for a visit from my mom and Mark, all which transform me from that background cat into foreground Kermit.

I hope you've been doing the same, or whatever it is that brings you a measure of peace.

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  1. Thank you for this. Kermit the frog has tamped down my anxiety level. Usually I'm like Kermit in your second gif there, all day and night. Or like the background cat.

    Do you think "Kermit and the Background Cats" could be a good name for a rock band?


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