Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Recovery Mode

Today I decided our children had indulged in entirely too much Halloween candy (read: me, I had indulged in entirely too much Halloween candy), so after school I carted them all off to the forest preserve.  Besides, you can't live in Iowa, realize it's close to seventy degrees out IN NOVEMBER and not spend every available second outside.

There was cavorting, and there was frolicking, and after an hour there was complaining about being tooooo tiiiiired to hike anymooooore (by the same child who was asleep AT 7:10 thanks to the forced march his cruel mother led him on- go ahead, you can say it:  I AM A GENIUS.)

See?  Cavorting.

That blue speck on the right-hand path is the frolicker.

And yes, tooooo tiiiired.
The sucker on the right has no idea he'll be asleep by 7:10 MUAHAHAHA!

Then I tried to get a picture of the four of us (if we had photoshop I would try to insert Derek's face into this picture, but alas, we do not.  I'm getting a kick out of the mental picture, though).  That is the face I apparently make when I realize Adelaide is giving me bunny ears as I push the button-that-is-not-really-a-button-but-rather-a-white-circle.
Et tu, Brute?

Then the children climbed trees and I played with Boomerang, which I'm now thinking doesn't transfer to Blogger.  Boo.

We'll give it a whirl, anyway.

Happy All Saint's Day!  Why isn't that a day we celebrate, anyway?


  1. Now that looks like fun! What is that boomerang thing suppose to do?

  2. That picture of your children in a heap is the Platonic ideal form of Too Tired.

    I love your photos of forests, fields, the sun shining through branches and kids climbing in trees. I'm grasping at anything calming. Thanks.

    I don't know what Boomerang is or what it does, but if I tried it, it would probably come back and slap me in the face.

    I am wondering what kind of interesting face Derek would have to make in order to get into that selfie.


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