Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Books and Infuriating Books

Eight-ish months into my tenure at the library, things are good, things are comfortable but interesting, and I'm still learning new things every week, which I like.

This week, for instance, was the first time I had to suppress the urge to set a book gleefully on fire, and instead process it, as it is a new book that just came into the library and we need to do all the things necessary to get it ready to go on the shelf where it will hopefully NEVER BE CHECKED OUT.

I will not pass this opinion on to any patrons, though, because uuuuuggghhh integrity and ethics and garbage.

Still, though...

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

I can't imagine what it's like to hold so much hatred within one body.  It must be exhausting!  I do hope you're hydrating.

Yours sincerely,
One of the many you disdain

In other, less incendiary news, I survived our second book sale, but this time I also helped box up all the books that didn't sell.  This proved to be dangerous.
 I mean, they were free, and they were about to be homeless, and I only meant to take one!


  1. I have a problem when I go to our libraries book sale. I only plan to get books to put in my Little Free Library but end up getting a pile of books I want to read, sigh...

  2. Yay for homeless books no longer being homeless. What is the second one from the bottom? And that one on the bottom of the stack I surmise to be the History of Iowa through about 1950.

    Good finds!

    I often wonder what the librarian might think of the books that I check out. Then I figure that is why they invented the machines to allow automatic self-checkout. Now the only ones who will know what I check out are the CIA and FBI.

    You never know - someone might check out that objectionable author's book just to see specifically what the reader needs to object to. But I don't think I could bear reading it.


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