Wednesday, October 30, 2013

He Does Sleep Sometimes

I keep trying to write this post about how recently a waitress at a restaurant thought Derek had four kids and I was one of them, but it keeps alternately sounding like I'm fishing for compliments (which I'm not) or turns into a rant where I sound really cranky about how women treat the aging process in our country (which I am).

Because I can't seem to write more than a paragraph without sounding like a curmudgeon, I'm just going to show you a few photos and video showing what a weird sleeper Atticus is (I can do that because we got a new laptop, yay!).

For about three months I sent photos to my sister Kelli on a weekly basis showing the strange ways I had found Atticus sleeping.  Fortunately for all of you, I took those photos on my old phone and can't put them on here.  Instead I just have a few I took more recently.

Atticus on a bed...

... well, a vertical mattress.  

It took me a good five minutes of scouring the house and yard before I finally thought to look in there.

This one doesn't look too strange until I tell you he slept like this for thirty minutes before his leg gave out and he fell flat on his face on the floor.  That was fun for everybody.  I actually did laugh, which for some odd reason didn't help matters.

I'll spare you the countless photos I have of him completely covered by blankets except for his toes poking out.  I don't know why he likes to have his head completely buried when he's sleeping.  I also don't know why I have to take a picture every time I find him like that.

And now the video:

That's some kind of food substance around his mouth, not premature facial hair, although if you've ever heard him speak, you'd think it was a valid guess.  His voice dropped right around the ripe old age of two because he takes after his dad; one time Derek found an old cassette of he and a friend (they were making a band, or something?), and when I heard his voice on there, I asked, "Exactly how old were you when this was recorded?" to which he replied, "About ten," which was alarming, because he sounded almost exactly like he does now.  And keep in mind that one time Derek called me at work and the co-worker who answered the phone said, "There's either a Viking or a lumberjack on the phone for you."  So, yeah: food, not facial hair.  He's saving that for when he turns six next October.  


  1. Watching that video is kind of painful :-)

  2. That had to be terrifying to be looking for your kid, and then the whole time he was sleeping hidden away in there.

    That video reminds me of me in graduate school. Whenever I had a 2-hour class after lunch I just could not stay awake.

  3. Reading your blog is about the highlight of my day. For real. I laugh out- loud every time. Derek with 4 kids is just like you being my daughter. Love it! "Hannah's" mom

  4. Easton does that too. One time he fell asleep in a tent that the kids had set up behind the couch in the living room. It took us FOREVER to find him. I even sent Destry out to the pond--freaked me out!!! Scary! Last time he crawled under my bed (the morning after coming home from a sleepover---ummm, what do you call it when the kids stay up all night instead of sleeping??).


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