Sunday, June 16, 2013


So.  Our kids are currently at their grandparents' house.  This means I got up yesterday, worked outside until 4, stumbled indoors, fell asleep for two hours, then woke up irrationally cranky.  (I am not a good napper.  Terrible, in fact.)  Fortunately, I didn't have to interact with another human being for a couple hours after that.

Evidently my children aren't the only ones who need structure in their lives.

Because our children are going to be gone for the next five days, I have all kinds of things planned- mostly involving working outdoors- but also including trying to blog every day.  To be honest, this will probably just involve slapping a few photos on here from my trip south.  Consider yourself warned.

This is a small piece of my grandparents' yard:

This is my idea of what heaven looks like.  My pictures don't do it justice.  

Although if it were really heaven, it would have one of those old-fashioned libraries attached- you know, the ones that are at least two stories and have a twisty staircase and little balcony running around the perimeter of the room- and when you stepped outside the library you'd find you were at Hogwarts.  It also wouldn't be heaven if Derek weren't there (and Jesus- can't forget that guy!), so there'd probably have to be a golf course around somewhere.

I bet you didn't know Hogwarts had a golf course on its grounds.  It's right behind the Quidditch field. 

Let's take a little tour of this little slice of heaven, shall we?

Beautiful peach roses.  I've developed a thing for peach flowers.  They look so old-fashioned.

Wine-colored hollyhocks.

Bright pink hollyhocks.

Light pink hollyhocks.  I was suffering from some serious hollyhock envy.  Not to worry, though- Grandma and Grandpa sent me home with two sandwich bags full of hollyhock seeds.  They are, of course, already in the ground.

Bachelor buttons.  What a fun name.


I didn't get a picture of Grandma, probably because she was busy running around digging up flowers for me to take home, bless her.

And here's what they sent home with me!  Let's see... lots of different colors of iris, rain lily, airplane plant, graveyard moss, hollyhock seeds, narcissus, and a bit of cactus that Grandma swears you just lay in the dirt and leave it alone.  Which I have done, although I felt a little silly doing so.  I keep wanting to fuss with it.

What's your idea of heaven?  Surrounded by dogs?  Gerbils? Elmer's Glue?


  1. Your grandparents' garden is gorgeous. I received some hollyhock seeds from a friend last year, but I planted them during our drought summer, and none of them made it their first year. Even though I felt like I watered my gardens every day. I'll just have to try again :-)

    1. This morning I went around to water all those that I planted yesterday, and realized I forgot to stake their locations, so... I could just be watering random patches of dirt. Oh, well.

  2. Before reading this post, my image of heaven consisted of a nebulous idea that justice and peace prevail, combined with a detailed list of what's being served for dinner (my Mom's apple pie, caramelized onions, mangoes, peaches, chick pea curry, etc). Now I have updated my image to include people playing golf with Jesus, beautiful flowers, and a humongous library.

    And now I realize heaven includes dogs. I hope I get over my fear of dogs.

    1. Oh, FOOD. Of course there's food in heaven! My mom's cajun potato salad, and lots of cookies, and chips and salsa, and I've always wondered what manna tastes like.

      I guess if you can get over your fear of dogs, I can get over my allergy to them. I'll have a perfect, allergy-free body anyway, right?

  3. Yes indeed, a library like the one in "My Fair Lady"! :)

  4. i'm so glad you got to take home all those plants. They sent home a total of 5 buckets of iris's, a cactus, and a couple of other pots of assorted plants with me when i was over there working on the coal bucket. I threatened to not return the buckets so they wouldn't fill them again and put them in my car. By the way, the cactus really does grow like that. I laid mine down on the ground and its growing well! good luck!


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