Thursday, February 13, 2014

A List For Your Thursday Viewing Pleasure

  • Last Saturday's lunchtime conversation:  
Adelaide:  "I can't wait for this afternoon."

Derek:  "Why is that, Adelaide?"

Adelaide:  "Because I'm going to do the Winter Cleaning Of My Mind.  It's stocked full and I can't put any new thoughts in there because it's so clogged up."

Obviously what she needs is a pensieve, but I knew better than to bring that up, as I have not yet allowed her to read Harry Potter.  I have also said no to The Hunger Games and The Lord of the Rings.  According to Adelaide, this is unfair and overly strict- this from the girl who had an emotional break down after reading Old Yeller.  I stand by my edicts... but can I just say how hard it is to tell her she can't read such good books?  One of the pleasures of our children getting older is when they finally reach the various maturity levels required for assorted novels, don't you think?

  • Caedmon has been talking an awful lot about prison lately.  It's a trifle worrisome.  Even Atticus commented on it the other day:  "Caedmon, why are you always putting your Lego guys in jail?"  He runs around the house, talking about all the different people he's just put in jail (usually "bad guys," but not always), he talks about who he would call with his one phone call (he asked me what would happen if he were ever put in jail, and between fingerprinting and the one phone call my knowledge of incarceration was exhausted), he builds little jails out of Legos.  I am comforted by his statement the other day- "I'm going to be a police officer when I'm an adult!"- because that's less worrisome than just about any alternative outcome to all this imaginary play.

  • Atticus has been doing this a lot lately:

I'll be making supper, folding laundry, reading, whatever, then turn around and find the business end of a foam sword pointed at my chest.  I'm not sure what to make of it.

Caedmon, of course, wants to do whatever Atticus is doing, so he tries to mimic his big brother.

He has trouble keeping the smile off his face when he's doing it, however.  I wonder how that will translate to his life as an upholder of the law.  And yes, they are both wearing beach towels as capes.

The end.


  1. Yes. I absolutely agree it's difficult to wait until the right time to share those great books with our children.

    I'm hoping the jail and sword issues don't go together. :) Maybe they each are just noble upholders of order and justice????

  2. I would be better off if I did a winter (and spring) cleaning of my mind. That is an excellent idea.

    Those photos just leave me speechless with delight!


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