Monday, August 25, 2014

A List

We haven't done a list in quite some time and Mondays are prime list-making days.  Expect this one to be random and make no sense.

  • Caedmon and I are re-adjusting to having the two big kids gone for much of the day.  He talks about Batman a lot.  A common refrain from him goes something like this:  "Mommy, Batman just texted me and we're going to work together at naptime," or "Mommy, I just texted Batman, and we're going to share our candy, 'cause sharing is nice."  
He does all this Batman-texting on this thing:

It's an old hand-held video game of Derek's, now Caedmon's "Batman Phone."  

  • I cut these hydrangeas today.  I wanted to have some kind of flower in the house because I can't bring myself to spend any appreciable time outside in this heat and humidity.  People of the South:  How do you do it?  Because we're not even a week into the heat and I'm feeling sick, homicidal, or both when I spend too long out there in Satan's mouth.  

  • One more thing I forgot to mention about Charleston:  Everyone is unfailingly polite, even on their street signs.

The end.


  1. Oooh, there is a Batman texting thingy! Something I did not have in my childhood....

    I have to say, I love to read your lists.

  2. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! The heat and humidity have driven me into our pool. I spent one summer in Houston, and we just went from air-conditioned apartment to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office. The only time we were outside, we were in a pool!


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