Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Go For a Walk

Last weekend, the kiddos and I ventured south.  Derek's folks were kind (and awesome and generous) enough to watch our three kids for a couple days while I traveled on to my middle sister and husband's house.

While I was there, I went for a walk, exploring the southern Kansas landscape.

It was a lovely morning:  cool, slightly foggy, and windy.  

It's always windy in Kansas.

Immediately after beginning, I noticed something unusual.  Look waaaay down the gravel road.  Do you see it?  

It's a hill!  Outside of the Flint Hills, Kansas is pretty flat.  So this is an exciting development.

I set my sights on the hill and sallied forth.

Look!  We're getting closer.

Right about here is where an old farmer stopped in his truck and asked, "You just goin' fer a walk?"  He seemed to have trouble perceiving the road's charms.

Whoa.  Are you seeing what I'm seeing?  That, my friends, is a curve.  A bend in the road.  

If you've ever driven the back roads of Kansas (or even flown over), you know that the roads around here are set up in a grid system.  A grid does not have curves.  Which makes curves exciting around these here parts.

Isn't it beautiful?

Sorry.  I got distracted by the barbed wire.  Speaking of which, on your next trip here, you should visit the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum.  Go ahead, plan your vacation around it.

We're here!  We're finally here!

And then... that's right.  Another curve- this one to the left.  The excitement is almost too much to bear.

Two curves on a hill.  I can't handle it.  

And guess what?  We're almost to the top!  

What magnificent vista will be visible from up there?

The suspense is killing me.


Another straight dirt road.

But hey, look to the left, and you'll see a pretty field...

Then turn around, and hey!  More hills!

And more barbed wire.

Let's go back down the curvy road.

I'm betting you're so glad you read this blog right now.

About this time I could hear something rather large coming up behind me.  I was guessing that it was another farmer, wondering what on earth I was doing just walking around.

I was right.  It was another farmer, and he was wondering why I was walking down the road.  But this particular farmer just happened to be Clinton, my youngest sister's husband.  Hi, Clinton!

Clinton's big, beautiful tractor.

The cows Clinton was feeding.  

You know what I find funny?  It seems like every time I drive down to Kansas, I see more of those metal silhouette-looking cows that people put up on top of hills.  In a state where cattle outnumber humans three-to-one, do we really need fake cows, too?

Anyway.  Time to head back.  I was in a much bigger hurry to get back down the hill than I was up.

I had someone very important to get back to.

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