Thursday, February 18, 2016

Things, Three of Them

  • Caedmon has discovered the fun to be had in a word search.  He is very intense about them, as evidenced by The Dimple.

  • Unfortunately for Target, I don't actually buy anything from their book section, but I do take pictures of newer titles to request from the library, because I love the way Target merchandises their books.  Don't take it personally, Target; I don't buy new books from anyone, really.  I'm more of a used books kind of girl.

Anyone read this one?  Is it good?  I hear Target has it for 20% off.

  • Caedmon pulled a book off one of our shelves yesterday, opened it up, and asked me what it was.  "Oh- that's your baby book," I told him.  "What's a baby book?"  "It's a book you fill out about your baby:  Stories about them, pictures of them, how much they've grown, things like that."  "When are you supposed to fill it out?"  "Well... I guess when you have a baby."  *momentary silence*  "Then why is mine blank?"

"Because Mommy sucks, that's why."  "Because you're a third child."  "Because my priority that year was keeping you alive."  I didn't say any of those things, although they all applied.  I gave him a mixed-up, watered-down version of those excuses, and he seemed fine with it, especially when he found the sandwich bag of his hair stuffed in between a couple pages from his first haircut.  I have no memory of that haircut, of putting hair clippings in a bag, or of getting my act together long enough to put it in his baby book for safe keeping.  However!  As we went through the (mostly blank) book, I realized that I could answer most of the prompts within because I'd written about them here, on the blog!  I wrote about how dang happy he was.  I wrong about how dang cranky he was.  It's all on here, buried somewhere in 700 posts, one of which included this picture:
I'm a sucker for angry baby photos.  I feel like I need to print this and put it in a locket, just to watch people flinch when I snap it open after asking, "Do you want to see a picture of my beautiful baby boy?"  That sounds like a better idea than hiding it away in a baby book, anyway.  I'm just sure he would agree, especially now that he's reached the age where he knows enough to be embarrassed by me.  I have the best ideas sometimes.


  1. I have no idea about the book. I am finally reading "All the Light We Cannot See."

    That is quite a face in that last photo! And a real keeper of a photo - you need to haul it out at all of his milestone markers - birthday parties, graduations, wedding.

    Now I am going to read about his happiness and crankiness.

  2. I love how well he dressed for his grumpy look! Just to try and throw everyone off! I too line up books at target and take pictures! Then find someone who has them...or has read them.....or the library

  3. That picture cracks me up! Definitely a keeper.
    Blogging is an excellent keeper of records, but you should probably go ahead and fill out that baby book. My 4th child was 3 years old before he realized his brothers all had a photo book of their first year or two (or three) and he had nothing. I spent weeks pulling one together for his Christmas gift that year, which he's hardly looked at (he's now 16) but at least it is there! I didn't have the blog but I did have his brothers' information, so there may have been some averaging of when certain teeth came into view. ;)

    I'll have to look on Goodreads and my public library website to find out more about that book.

  4. --I literally laughed out loud at your imagined flipping open a locket to show the grumpy picture of your beautiful baby! (still makes me giggle)

    --I am SO surprised Shayla didn't blast you for not having his baby book filled out. She has been on me constantly over the years, so out of fear of her middle-child angst, I have kept baby books religiously. . .for the first five children. (Why has she not harped on me about Aryana's book? I will blame it on her when Aryana asks. . ."Aunt Shayla didn't tell me to keep up with it, so you'll need to talk to her about that." Phew, good excuse!)


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