Friday, November 11, 2011

Kitchen Tip

We here at The Crislers love to save money.  I appreciate a good money-saving tip, and I came across one we have consistently used for about the past six months.

See those tall green spears in the Ball jar?  (Not the red pot- that contains aloe vera, which we chop off to slather on burns- another money saver!)

Those are green onions.  It turns out, after you buy a bunch at the grocery store and have chopped off all the green part of the onion, all you have to do is fill a jar with water, stick what's left in, and they re-grow like crazy.  I had these all cut down to the white part about six days ago, and nearly a week later, they've nearly grown back up to their original height.

I would recommend you change out the water every few days, and you'll need to trim the roots every couple weeks, lest they get all slimy and gross.

Unless you're a super-enthusiastic green onion lover, this may not save you a fortune, but every little bit helps, right?


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