Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coming Up With Clever Titles Is Stressful. Also, a List.

Caedmon and I returned home yesterday evening after spending five days down south with family.  I'm still trying to unpack and get back into some kind of routine.

I haven't been so great at updating you all with our family's activities lately, so here's a little recap of what we've been up to so far this summer, which gives me a great excuse to make a bullet list, because you know how much I love those.  If I were ever to write up one of those weird descriptions of myself, it would read something like, "Kristy likes sunsets, long walks on the beach, and bullet lists."  Basically I'm about as much fun as a wicked case of the hiccups.

Anyway.  To the list!

  • We went to Adventureland.  Derek's dad came with us to help corral the kids, because Derek and I aren't quite brave/foolish enough to face an amusement park with three little kids on our own.  The weather was overcast and in the low 70's when we first got there, so of course we went swimming first.  We stoppped when I realized Caedmon was covered in goose bumps and his entire body was shaking because he was shivering so violently.  Derek-the-Iowa-native seemed to think it was the perfect weather for water park fun.

When Caedmon and Adelaide rode on the ladybugs, it was the closest I've ever felt to going back in time.  Say, about two years to our trip where Atticus and Adelaide rode those same ladybugs.  Our brave, brave boys.  (Hey, I just noticed they even have on the same shirt!)

  • Adelaide and I spent a couple hours one Saturday morning picking wild raspberries on a trail near our house.  They're currently in our freezer, but we have grand plans to make a syrup out of them, pour them over chocolate ice cream, and then pour chocolate Magic Shell over the whole thing- basically a direct ripoff of one of Hickory Park's sundaes.

  • One of the reasons for our trip over the weekend was so that I could attend my sweet little love muffin of a niece's baptism.  Charlotte is now four months old and is getting more adorable by the day.  Who knew thumb-sucking could be so cute?                                                           When my sister Kelli was explaining to Adelaide that I was going to be Charlotte's godmother and thus needed to be at the baptism, Adelaide flatly informed her, "There's no such thing as godmothers."  Pretty sure she was thinking of fairy godmothers, but her no-nonsense, business-like tone convinced me that she may, in fact, grow up to be the librarian that is her current career aspiration.

  • Another reason we headed south was so that I could spend the day with our newest niece, Vada.  It's funny that even though she and Charlotte are double cousins (remember, my two sisters married two brothers, so their children share both maternal and paternal genetic material), they look nothing alike.  Vada is beautiful in a completely different way- each of her features is so tiny and petite and perfectly formed, and she has none of the crazy baby blemishes our children were plagued with- red bumps and rashes and whiteheads and cradle cap.  Basically, she's perfect.

  • Caedmon got to meet several grandparents yesterday that I haven't seen in a long time.  We visited my great-grandma-- that would be Caedmon's great-great-grandma--one of the very best and sweetest people on this earth.  I swear to you her hugs feel like love itself.  We also got to go see my grandparents- that would be my great-grandma's daughter and her husband (are you lost yet?), and Caedmon decided to pull out all the stops for them.  He was cute and bubbly and affectionate and silly.  Basically, he was himself.  I felt like kind of a criminal for taking so long to bring all these grandparents to him.

  • This was one of the planters on our front porch about a month and a half ago.  It now looks like a mere shadow of its former self; the Japanese beetles have eaten nearly everything in my yard.  I am thisclose to declaring the same jihad I swore against the rabbits two years ago.  

Let's see, what else?  I've been doing my best to keep up with our Fruits of the Spirit summer lessons, although I got a little off track when I went straight from Love into Peace and Patience.  Apparently "Joy" was stuck in there when I wasn't looking.  I always knew Paul was a sneaky little devil.  And that may not have been the wisest choice of words.

Atticus and Adelaide are spending most of this week with their grandparents.  Which means Caedmon is an only child for a few days.  Which means you should brace yourself for a vicious onslaught of photos here in a few days.  Consider yourself warned.


  1. We missed you (and I think all of our blogs are suffering this summer). Cute nieces, I am also a fan of bullet lists, and your Paul comment. . .you make me grin! :)

    1. What's ironic is that I read everyone else's blogs and wonder why they aren't updating them more often... then let mine sit without touching it for over a week.


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