Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Try To Keep Up

See the guy on the left?

His name is Clinton.  He is getting married next week. 

This is the girl he is marrying.  Her name is Stephanie.  She is my sister. 

See this guy? 

His name is Aaron.  He got married almost a year ago.  He is one of Clinton's brothers. 

This is the girl he married.  Her name is Kelli.  She is also my sister. 

That's right.  By the end of next week, my two sisters will have married two brothers. 

This is kind of neat and kind of makes me feel like I'm trapped in a Rogers and Hammerstein production.  I keep half-expecting our families to break out in carefully choreographed musical numbers.

Actually, the wedding would be the perfect venue for something like that!  I better get started...

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