Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bear With Me Here

It's been an interesting day.

I woke Adelaide up about half an hour before she usually rises.  She got dressed, I fixed her hair.  She had some breakfast. 

Derek and I woke the boys and got them ready.  Then our little family of five all set out to walk to the bus stop, one block from our house.

We waited with the other kids and parents.  Introduced ourselves.  Shared with Adelaide some words of encouragement. 

Then the bus rounded the corner, came roaring up to where we waited.  Our daughter said her good-byes to Daddy and brothers, I took Adelaide's hand, and we joined the queue of kiddos.  Derek hung back with the boys and shot video.  Adelaide was the last in line, and when it came time to ascend the stairs onto the yellow behemoth, she did everything within her power to remain firmly attached to the back of my shorts, crying and generally freaking out.  When just shoving her on proved fruitless ('cause dang, does that girl have some upper-body strength), I held her hand and walked her up the steps, and we began looking for a spot to sit.

The driver, bless his heart, offered to let me stay on and sit with her for a couple blocks while he made one last stop, then he'd come around and drop me back off.  I may have taken him up on it, but I didn't want to set a bad precedent, and thankfully she had calmed down by this time anyway.  I watched her walk down the aisle to the very back, and as she swung into the last seat, she smiled and waved cheerily at me. 

I got off, rejoined the three Crisler men, and waved at her window as the bus took my daughter away from me to Kindergarten. 

As a result of this momentous morning, I'm feeling a little discombobulated.  So I thought I'd share a random smattering of photos from our trip last week- because I'm sure you weren't sick of these already.

My mom, my sister, and her husband, laughing at the ignorant schmucks who don't know that those are soybeans in the centerpieces.

Actually, I don't know what they're laughing at.  But I think my guess is a good one, because what's funnier than soybeans?

Derek, teaching our niece, Aria, to fly.  The smile on her face hides the terror in her heart.

Kidding again.  She loved being launched high into the air and being caught with a splash.

Adelaide bonding with our newest niece, Brielle, her aunt and other cousin.

I had hoped that playing with a baby girl for a couple days would pacify her enough to get off my back about producing a little sister for her.  I was wrong.

Caedmon taking advantage of some warm and willing arms at the wedding.  (Alliteration Alert!) 

And now, I think I'll go back to trying to get as much done as possible and not anxiously stare at the clock, willing 3:30 to come around so I can hear how Adelaide's first day was. 

It should be fun.

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  1. I feel like the picture with Kate should definitely include a caption with subtle hints at grandchildren of her own... because I'm sure her children need that.

    And I also feel like the picture with mom, Aaron, and I is one of Mom and Aaron being in on a joke that I don't get but am PRETENDING to get. "ha... yeah... that's... funny."

    Lots of feelings here.


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