Monday, August 8, 2011


If you have ever read any kind of parenting book, magazine, or random online site about babyproofing your home-

Quick side note: by "babyproofing," I mean making your home safe for babies by adding outlet covers, placing cleaning supplies and radioactive material out of reach, etc, NOT nailing shut windows and doors to keep babies out of your house.  Just so we're clear.

-you know that the best way to go about doing this is to crawl around on all fours, on your baby's level, so to speak, so you can spot potential hazards that may not be immediately obvious from an adult's point of view.

I have to do this every so often, usually when I start finding odd substances in Caedmon's mouth.  This morning I finally figured out where he's been getting those white foamy pieces:  Atticus had shredded and then hidden a magic eraser in a shoe in the laundry room.  It was only by crawling around that I was able to follow a trail of evidence to the stash.

Doing this always makes me feel like I'm stumbling into the strange realm of babies.  Ordinary items appear very different from the floor:  large and looming and interesting.  I had this in mind when I sat down to go through the photos taken over the past few days.  It made me feel particularly sympathetic toward our youngest child. 

I wonder what he was thinking when all these shots took place?

"Why does this woman insist on sticking that flashy-thing in my face?"

"And I wonder what happens when I do this?"

This one makes me want to cry.  See the older two kiddos in the background in the pool?  Although they fight a lot, Atticus and Adelaide love to play together, and Caedmon is getting to the age where he wants to play, too.  Half the time they want nothing to do with him.

  But then Daddy comes outside, and all is right with the world.  I'm not sure whether Spud is hugging Derek or cozying up to the Viking on Derek's shirt.

Either way, they're both happy.

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