Monday, August 1, 2011

It's About Time

With all three of my children, I had relatively uncomplicated pregnancies.  I experienced some of the more common aches and pains, but thankfully my babies and I were all healthy.

I was working full-time when pregnant with Adelaide, and spent my workdays on my feet.  This resulted in some pretty severe lower-back pain.  The only thing I found to alleviate the pain was to sit on the arm of the couch while Derek laid down behind me, and used his enormous feet and all the strength in his legs to push/kick/massage my back.  It was heavenly.  The most comfortable way for me to sit on any soft couch or chair was with a basketball behind me, pressing against my lower back. 

Then Adelaide was born.  When she was ten months old, she said her first word.  It was "Da-da." 

I tried not to feel betrayed.

A year and a half later, I was pregnant with Atticus.  Not as much lower back pain this time, thank goodness.  Instead, I had sciatica.  Every time I stepped onto my left foot, I experienced shooting nerve pain up my left thigh all the way up into my lower back.  It was unpleasant.

Then Atticus was born.  When he was ten months old, he said his first word.  It was "Da-da."

Again, I tried not to feel betrayed.

Are you seeing a trend here?

Last year, I was pregnant with Caedmon.  I felt pain all over, from my head down to my toes.  I ached with every step, and couldn't get comfortable to save my life.  My weight gain was still well within the normal range, so I couldn't blame that.  It felt like my body was saying to me, That's it!  Enough with the babies already! 

Then Caedmon was born.  I was amazed when, about an hour after he was born, I got up from the bed to walk across the room, and all that achy discomfort had vanished.  Magic. 

Our Spud is now ten months old.  A few days ago he said his first word.  It wasn't Da da.

His first word was "Ma-ma."  I guess the third time's the charm.

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