Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not Obsessed

I am not what you would call trendy.  I am rarely, if ever, on the cutting edge of what to wear, what to do, what to watch.  That includes stuff on the internet. 

A few day ago, I finally broke down and checked out Pinterest.  I know, I know, most of you have probably already heard about it and are pinning experts.  But just in case I've caught a fellow straggler, I'm going to write about this newest time-sucker of mine. 

I first heard about Pinterest a few months ago, but thought to myself, Don't you dare, Kristy!  You do not have time to devote to clicking and clicking and clicking around a new website.  And up until a few days ago, I remained steadfast in that conviction. 

I had been shuffling things around in our closets and bins, organizing and tidying as I went.  I was feeling pretty smug and virtuous, and what with it being the kids' naptime and all, I decided to reward myself with fifteen minutes of time online. 

What I should have done was update this blog.  Instead, I broke down and signed up for Pinterest.  The next thing I knew, Caedmon was awake and over an hour had gone by. 

Basically, (again, for my fellow stragglers) Pinterest is a virtual pinboard- a website that allows you to install a button for your toolbar that reads "Pin It," and as you're checking stuff out on the internet, when you see an image of something neato, you click on the Pin It button, and it "pins" that picture onto your profile on Pinterest.  You can arrange these pictures on different boards, like Home Decorating, Movies, Recipes, whatever.

 Say you're planning a wedding.  Every time you see a photo on a website that has a great idea for flowers, dresses, favors, etc, you can pin it on there, and then all those images are in one place for you to access.  The best part is, once the image is on Pinterest, if you click on it, it takes you right back to it's original website. 

There are, of course, tons and tons of people already on there, and they each have lots of boards and pins to peruse.  I use it as a great big cache of neat ideas to copy.

You have to request an invitation, but that took all of about five minutes to receive via email- or, let me know and I can "invite" you to become a fellow member.  All the cool kids are doing it!

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  1. You must invite me. I have not heard of this but it looks wonderful!


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